How is it so good ? (DALL-E Explained Pt. 2)

DALL-E is an increibly powerful model from OpenAI capable of generating incredibly creative images from a text prompt. In this blog post we explore the transformer part of DALL-E, which is sort of like its brain; it's the component responsible for connecting the world of natural language with our visual world. Specificially this blog will look at questions like "how is it so good ?" and "why are transformers able to express and integrate so much information ?"

AI Art

Alien Dreams: An Emerging Art Scene

In January 2021, OpenAI released the weights and code for their CLIP model, and since then various hackers, artists, researchers, and deep learning enthusiasts have figured out novel methods for combining CLIP with various generative models to create beautiful visual art from just a text prompt. In this blog post I document the evolution of this new art scene and share a bunch of cool artwork along the way.