Lowering the barrier of entry to ML

We believe in lowering the barrier of entry to the field of machine learning and strive to make machine learning education as accessible as possible on the UC Berkeley campus and beyond. Every semester, we host both technical and non-technical DeCals (student-run courses) on the UC Berkeley campus teaching the fundamentals of state of the art machine learning techniques as well as the growing societal and ethical implications of artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning DeCal

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning methods and how to apply them in a semester. The Machine Learning decal is a chance for those who are familiar with programming to try their hand at analyzing and manipulating data in python, and experimenting with various machine learing and statistical methods. Recommended for those who have taken CS 61A, DATA 8, STATS 133, or equivalent. Applications for Spring 2019 are closed. Follow along on our course Github.

Impact of AI DeCal

As AI becomes increasingly woven into the daily fabric of our lives, there is a greater need for understanding how it will affect the world we share. The Impact of AI DeCal explores various economic, social, and ethical challenges facing AI in an interactive format, in order to spark a conversation that reaches across disciplines and finds solutions. No technical knowledge of AI/ML is needed. Find out more and apply on our DeCal page. Applications for Spring 2019 are closed. Check back next semester!