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Learn to Make an AI Chatbot with ML@B & Starbutter AI
When: 2017-09-13
Where: Soda 380
19 people came
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Want to learn how to make an AI chat bot and launch it online? ML@B is hosting the startup Starbutter, who will demonstrate how to use the deep-learning powered NLP platform API.AI to create a chatbot, connect it to a server-less webhook on AWS Lambda, then deploy it on Facebook and Google Actions!

Find out more about Starbutter AI at

Food will be served, and there will be a discussion and Q&A with Starbutter Engineering following the event.

Max 35 participants: doors will be closed once we reach capacity, so please arrive on time.

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Checkout this thing I've been working on for over a year with a team of amazing people (and a dope lead Jordan Prosky). Come take our classes if you're enrolled at UC Berkeley! If you're not or don't think you have time, we'll be uploading all of our materials online as well.

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Machine Learning at Berkeley is with Renee Sweeney and 3 others.
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As the semester comes to an end, ML@B is opening up research proposals for next semester. If you have an idea for a research project in machine learning or artificial intelligence, and want to take advantage of ML@B’s resources (including compute resources, a research team, and grants), please submit a proposal below by May 12th.

Independent Research Application:

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Machine Learning at Berkeley is feeling thankful with Ted Xiao and 4 others.
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We are thrilled to have Ian Goodfellow come and talk about his work in generative models and GANs!

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Machine Learning at Berkeley is with Okoshi and 2 others.
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Machine Learning at Berkeley is thrilled to partner with The House! We look forward to all the exciting collaborations to come!

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