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Adversarial Examples | Sp18 ML@B Workshop Series
When: 2018-04-24
Where: HP Auditorium
5 people came
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From self-driving cars, to human-level chatbots, to instant facial recognition, neural networks and deep learning have made incredible strides in a wide variety of fields. But did you know that neural networks are also super easy to trick? With clever engineering, you can do things such as fooling an image recognition system to classify dogs as cats.

Machine Learning at Berkeley is proud to present the Adversarial Examples workshop, as a part of our Sp18 Workshop Series. You can find the full list of workshops that we offer at

In this workshop, you will learn about what adversarial examples are and how you can build your own programs to fool these the state of art algorithms.

If you are new to deep learning, we recommend you check out our Intro to Deep Learning workshop, which will teach you all the fundamental concepts and math you’ll need to know to follow along in this workshop. You can watch a video recording here

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