Building and fostering a vibrant machine learning community.

Industry Consulting

Machine Learning at Berkeley’s industry consulting branch tackles challenging real-world problems with machine learning for non-profits like UNICEF and Zipline and corporations like Github and IBM. Our members gain a unique opportunity to develop machine learning solutions tailored towards relevant and specific industry challenges, while providing our clients with valuable operational insights.

Fall'18 Zipline Consulting Project Team


Machine Learning at Berkeley’s research division provides a platform for students and Berkeley faculty to collaborate on cutting-edge machine learning research. As many of our research projects culminate in publication in an AI/ML conference, we offer funding for our members to attend these conferences, better developing their research knowledge while connecting them to the research world outside of Berkeley.

Past & Present ML@B Members at NeurlIPS 2018


We believe in lowering the barrier of entry to the field of machine learning and strive to make machine learning education as accessible as possible on the UC Berkeley campus and beyond. Every semester, we host both technical and non-technical DeCals (student-run courses) on the UC Berkeley campus teaching the fundamentals of state of the art machine learning techniques as well as the growing societal and ethical implications of artificial intelligence.

Fall'18 Machine Learning Decal